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American Heroes Channel (formerly War Channel and Discovery Wings) is an American pay TV channel owned by Discovery, Inc.

As of February 2015, this channel was presented to approximately 59,917,000 pay TV households (51.5% of households with at least one TV) [1].

The channel was launched in July 1998 as the Discovery Wings channel; He initially focused on aviation and aviation related programs.

In the early years, the network also showed a meteorological segment over every hour that provided data from the National Meteorological Service's aviation forecasts.

Discovery Communications made a trademark application to the U.S. Copyright Office for use of the name War Channel after the trademark was abandoned in 2002 by an unconnected starter cable network, also called War Channel, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

It was darkened in 1999 and then went bankrupt. Focusing on the heroes, history, and equipment of the international military scene, this network had difficulty raising capital despite its early success.

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