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América TV (indicative LS 86) is a television station that broadcasts on channel 2 in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one of the five national television networks in Argentina. It is owned by América TV S.A.

Channel 2 of La Plata, with the brand on air as América, is an Argentine free-to-air television station located in La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The station is owned by America TV S.A. América TV is also one of the five national television networks in Argentina.

América TV maintains studio facilities and offices located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires; its station is located in the Florencio Varela Party, Province of Buenos Aires.

Outside the province, América is available by cable nationwide and its programs are broadcast by two transmission stations owned by Grupo América - Canal 7 Mendoza and Canal 8 San Juan - plus two affiliates in Junín and Tucumán.

Channel 2 of La Plata was launched on June 25, 1966 as Tevedos, under the ownership of Rivadavia Televisión S.A., whose owners also had several radio stations and the now-defunct newspaper El Mundo.

La Plata is very close to Buenos Aires, and the two cities can receive each other's television broadcasts. This geographic reality led Tevedos to target the much larger media market in the Argentine capital.

But with the transmission facilities in Florencio Varela to the south, the northern portions of the metropolitan area could not receive an adequate signal. This was in contrast to the other four stations in Buenos Aires, which had their transmitters located in the city proper.

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