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Arirang TV (Korean: 아리랑 TV; RR: Arirang tibeui) is an English-language South Korean television channel based in Seoul and aimed at foreign audiences. It is managed by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The channel, broadcast in 105 countries, is considered a branch of public relations for the South Korean government.

The channel broadcasts different programs in different countries, but generally broadcasts news, cultural programs, educational programs and documentaries. Arirang International Broadcasting Corporation started broadcasting on February 3, 1997. It was operated by the Korean International Broadcasting Foundation nonprofit, which was created by article 32 of the South Korean Civil Code of April 10, 1996. Initially, the channel was only available on cable and satellite TV in South Korea and was aimed foreigners living or visiting the country.

Arirang International Broadcasting Corporation has three channels for foreign viewers. Arirang World was created as a satellite TV channel in 1999 and is broadcast in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese and Indonesian. Arirang UN was established in 2015 and is broadcast in English, as of 2018 the channels are broadcast in 105 countries.arirang korean language, arirang korean barbecue, arirang korean restaurant, arirang korean song, arirang korean restaurant menu, arirang korean kitchen, arirang korean barbecue restaurant, arirang korean restaurant, arirang korean tv, arirang korean channel program, arirang korean song,

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