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KTVK, Virtual Channel 3 (Digital Channel UHF 24), is an independent television station licensed in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The station is owned by Des Moines subsidiary Meredith Local Media, an Iowa-based Meredith Corporation, as part of a duel with CBS subsidiary KPHO-TV (Channel 5). The two stations share studios on North Seventh Avenue in Uptown Phoenix. The KTVK transmitter is located in South Mountain on the south side of town. The station's signal is transmitted throughout northern Arizona to a network of translation stations.

Former United States Senator Ernest McFarland, author of GI Bill, has been surprised by the new television medium. With some friends, he formed the Arizona Television Company and applied for a television station license with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). KTVK signed on to the fourth Phoenix television station on February 28, 1955 - shortly after McFarland was elected governor of Arizona - and immediately became an ABC partner. McFarland said he chose the KTVK dialing letters "because television will be our middle name."

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