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Dwarf Fortress: Acquiring Valuable Resources for Your Settlement

If you are a fan of strategy games, you have probably heard of Dwarf Fortress. This unique game puts you in charge of a group of dwarves trying to establish a settlement in a dangerous and unforgiving world. One of the keys to success in Dwarf Fortress is acquiring valuable resources, which can be used to build structures and craft items and improve your settlement's overall quality of life. In this article, we will explore some of the essential resources in Dwarf Fortress and discuss strategies for acquiring them.

Understanding the Resource System in Dwarf Fortress

Before we delve into the specific resources you need to acquire, it's essential to understand how the resource system in Dwarf Fortress works. The game's resources are divided into four categories: food, drink, raw materials, and finished goods. Your dwarves consume food and beverages to keep them alive, while raw materials are used to create finished goods. Finished goods can be sold for profit or used to improve your settlement.

To acquire resources, you will need to assign tasks to your dwarves. For example, you might give some dwarves to gather plants while others chop down trees or mine for ore. The key is to balance acquiring the resources you need and maintaining a stable and sustainable settlement.

Acquiring Food and Drink

Food and drink are the essential resources you need to acquire in Dwarf Fortress. Without them, your dwarves will quickly become hungry and thirsty, which can lead to illness and even death. There are several ways to acquire food and drink in the game:


Farming is the most basic way to acquire food in Dwarf Fortress. You can designate an area of land for farming and assign some dwarves to plant and harvest crops. Different crops have different growing seasons, so planning and ensuring you have enough food to last through the winter is essential.


If you have a water source nearby, you can assign some dwarves to fish. Fish can be cooked and eaten or processed into other food items.


If you can access wildlife, you can assign some dwarves to hunt. Meat from hunted animals can be cooked and eaten or processed into other food items.


To acquire a drink, you can assign some dwarves to brew alcohol. Different types of alcohol have other effects on your dwarves, so it's essential to experiment and find out what works best for your settlement.

Acquiring Raw Materials

Raw materials are the building blocks of finished goods in Dwarf Fortress. Natural materials allow you to create things beyond the most basic structures and items. Here are some of the most critical raw materials in the game:


Stone is the most common building material in Dwarf Fortress. You can designate an area of land for mining and assign some dwarves to extract stone from the earth.


Ore is used to creating metal items such as weapons and armor. You can designate an area of land for mining and assign some dwarves to extract ore from the earth.


Wood is used to create many basic structures and items. You can designate an area of land for logging and assign some dwarves to chop down trees.

Acquiring Finished Goods

Finished goods are the most valuable resources in Dwarf Fortress. They can improve your settlement's quality of life, sell for profit, or be traded with other colonies. Here are some of the essential finished goods in the game:


Furniture can be used to decorate your settlement and improve your dwarves' moods. You can create a table from wood, stone, or metal.


Clothing is necessary to keep your dwarves warm in the winter and protect them from the elements. You can create a dress from various materials, including leather, silk, and wool.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and armor are essential for defending your settlement against hostile creatures and other payments. You can create weapons and armor from various materials, including metal and bone.

Crafts and Artifacts

Crafts and artifacts are unique and valuable items that can be sold for a high price or displayed in your settlement to impress your dwarves and visitors. You can create crafts and artifacts from various materials and use different crafting skills.

Strategies for Acquiring Resources

Now that we have a better understanding of the different types of resources in Dwarf Fortress let's discuss some strategies for acquiring them:


It's essential to prioritize the resources you need most. For example, if you run low on food, assign more dwarves to farm or fish. If you need more raw materials, designate more areas for mining or logging.

Plan Ahead

Planning is crucial in Dwarf Fortress. Make sure you have enough food and drink to last through the winter, and anticipate any potential threats or challenges that may arise.

Train Your Dwarves

Train your dwarves in different skills to be more efficient in acquiring resources. For example, assign some dwarves to become skilled hunters or brewers while others can become experienced miners or woodworkers.

Trade with Other Settlements

Trading with other settlements is a great way to acquire resources you may need access to in your territory. You can trade finished goods or raw materials for additional resources or valuable information.


Acquiring resources is essential for success in Dwarf Fortress. By understanding the different types of resources and implementing effective strategies for achieving them, you can create a thriving and sustainable settlement. Remember to prioritize, plan, train your dwarves, and trade with other colonies to ensure your settlement's survival and prosperity.


1- What is the most critical resource in Dwarf Fortress?

Food and drink are the most critical resources in Dwarf Fortress, as they are necessary to keep your dwarves alive.

2- How can I acquire metal in Dwarf Fortress?

You can acquire metal by designating an area for mining and assigning some dwarves to extract ore from the earth.

3- Can I trade with other settlements in Dwarf Fortress?

Yes, trading with other settlements is a great way to acquire resources you may not have access to in your payment.

4- How can I improve my dwarves' moods?

You can improve your dwarves' moods by creating furniture, clothing, and other decorative items.

5- What are some potential threats to my settlement in Dwarf Fortress?

Some potential threats to your settlement in Dwarf Fortress include hostile creatures, natural disasters, and other payments that may attack or compete with you for resources.


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