Greece - Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a Greek, private regional television station, which started operating in November 1990. It broadcasts digitally from Ymittos and Parnitha and digitally from Aegina in the Attica region on Friday, July 20, 2012 and broadcasts nationally on Cosmote TV network platform via satellite and via Conn-X or IPTV. Its programs include news and educational programs and was the first regional television station to broadcast digital signal from the region of Aegina.

It belongs to the General Broadcasting Enterprises Limited Company founded on May 20, 1992. The president and managing director of the station is Nikiforos Kissandrakis, while the vice president and shareholder is Iraklis Kissandrakis.

On February 1, 2010, Terence Quick took over the presentation of the station's main bulletin for six months until the end of its partnership with state television ERT3. After the journalist left the station, the position was replaced by Emi Livaniou despite the information that she was in discussions with the management of ERT.

Vefa Alexiadou presents a daily show with her daughter Alexia station after the cancellation of her contract with Alter, in October 2010.

The news program "Bulletin 11" presents the former ERT journalist and head of the Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Belgrade and Moscow, Spyros Hatzaras, who often uses the news coverage of tolerant messages against immigrants and anti-Semitism theory.

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