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Talking Tom & Friends (formerly Talking Tom & Friends) is a computer-animated children's web series by Outfit7 Limited, which is based on the media franchise of the same name. The first three seasons of the show were produced by the Austrian animation studio ARX Anima.

The series has been produced by the Spanish animation studio People Moving Pixels since the fourth season. It was released on YouTube on April 30, 2015. The show has also aired on Boomerang UK and Netflix since September 5, 2016, but has been airing since then. has been discontinued and the fifth season is currently airing on Pop.

Tom (voiced by Colin Hanks) is a gray tabby cat. He creates ideas for new applications and inventions for the company and prefers to do business. Sometimes there is irresponsibility and most of the time it creates problems. Hanks describes Talking Tom as mischievous, charismatic, energetic, and trying to create things; the leader of his gang who loves to have fun.

Ben (voiced by James Adomian) is a brown dog and Tom's best friend. He enjoys making up different things and working on applications, with an emphasis on technical aspects like computer programming. Adomyan describes Talking Ben as the group's brain and a very serious person who, however, is very intimidating.

In episode 26 of season three, his girlfriend Xenon, who worked for an agency, banned him from using technology. After breaking the rule, he was given an electronic bracelet (in episode 1 of season 4) that prevented him from using the tech. However, Ben later managed to get rid of the bracelet.

Angela (voiced by Lisa Schwartz) is a white cat who has been Tom's girlfriend since the last episode of season one. She aspires to be a singer and eventually becomes a famous singer in season 4, but also tries other things like scarves, smoothies, etc. Schwartz describes her as "super fun and girly" and sometimes shy of the times, sociable.

Ginger (voiced by Maria Bamford) is a young orange and white cat and Tom's neighbor (he's Tom's nephew in Talking Friends, but has nothing to do with Tom in this series). In the first season, he claims to come from the second largest family in town. His parents don't spend much time with him, so he doesn't acknowledge love, and when Tom and Angela hold hands, dance or kiss, he calls it disgusting.

Hank (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a white dog with a bruise around his left eye and paws. He is Tom's roommate and loves television shows and often claims to be "related to television". Kenny describes Hank as his sweet spot for good and stupid characters.

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