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France 24 is a French 24-hour international news television channel, created on November 30, 2005 and broadcasting since December 6, 2006. Since 2012, it has been a channel of the national program company France Médias Monde, which oversees the audiovisual outside of France.

The channel was born from the desire of the President of the Republic Jacques Chirac in 2002 to give France a voice abroad, facing the American (CNN International), British (BBC World News) and Qatari (Al Jazeera) competitors.

After several years and numerous reports, the CFII project gave birth in 2005 to a channel owned in equal parts by the public group France Télévisions and the private one TF1. In 2008, according to Nicolas Sarkozy's wishes, she joined the new Audiovisual holding company outside France (future France Médias Monde) alongside the RFI and MCD radios.

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