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Horn Cable TV (HCTV) is a news-based private television broadcaster in Somalia. Horn Cable TV was founded in 2003 and broadcasts in Somalia from its headquarters in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. The station has studios in Mogadishu and London, among others.

Horn Cable TV is owned by Farhan Haji Ali, a young Somali entrepreneur based in Hargeisa who also owns FAACO. The broadcaster generates income from advertising.

Horn Cable TV broadcasts 24 hours a day across Somaliland and Somalia. His broadcasts also reach other parts of the continent, Europe, Asia and regions in Australia via satellite. The station is also available as a live web stream. HCTV's programming spans a wide variety of genres. This includes news and current events, business, politics, theater, music, and religious programs.

Horn Cable Television employs around 90 ground correspondents based in the Horn of Africa region and nearby. Around 60 journalists are employed at the station's headquarters in Mogadishu with 7 additional employees. Mohamoud Sheikh Dalmar acts as the radio and television producer for the station. Hamdi Hussein is also head of the Mogadishu branch.

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