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The International Center for Evangelization / African Interior Mission (CIE / MIA) is an international evangelical movement and service for evangelization, teaching, intercession, compassion and mission.

Today it is present throughout the region of Burkina Faso with more than four hundred churches. In 1997 he began sending missionaries to several countries in Africa, Europe and America. The work of the missionaries has made it possible to open churches in more than thirteen countries around the world.

The CIE / MIA has several departments including: Individual Evangelization, the Movement of Women of Destiny, the Youth Movement, the Department of Prisons; the Department of Births and Hospitals; the children's department, social services, etc.

The headquarters of the CIE / MIA is in Ouagadougou, where a 12,000-seat temple is under construction where the people of God are in constant communion.

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