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Metro TV is Indonesia's free television news network headquartered in West Jakarta. It was founded on 25 November 2000 and now has over 53 TV repeater stations across the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh, which also owns the everyday Media Indonesia. These two are part of the Media Group, along with other newspapers distributed in different parts of Indonesia.

It is the only TV network in Indonesia that offers Mandarin language news and sinetron (soap opera) programs, but recently it has also started broadcasting entertainment and multicultural programs such as e-Lifestyle tech program (discontinued), satire news. and current events show Republik Mimpi (The Dream Republic), music programs such as Musik + and Idenesia, and other special or regional programs.

Metro TV has a different concept than other stations in Indonesia. It broadcasts 24 hours a day with programs focusing on the news in the world. Unlike other stations, Metro TV never broadcasts sinetron.

Metro TV has broadcast three new English shows, World News, Indonesia Now and Talk Indonesia. There were also IT, documentary and culinary programs, as well as Chinese language programs such as Metro Xin Wen. There is a motivational talk, Mario Teguh Golden Ways. It also shows business programs including "Economic Challenges" and Bisnis Hari Ini (Business Today, no longer published).

Metro TV also has an informative blog, usually priced for housing and sometimes any product and technology. The information block is usually broadcast on the networks and stations in the morning on weekends. The blog has no ad break. This channel is owned by Media Group, which also owns Media Indonesia and Lampung Post newspapers.

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