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RT UK is a British free television news channel that is part of the RT network, a Russian state-controlled international television network.

The studios of the channel are located in Millbank Tower. The channel offers its own shows four hours a day, Monday through Friday, from UK News, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00. There is no UK News bulletin at 22:00 on Fridays. RT UK News host is Bill Dod. Like its counterpart in the United States, it broadcasts analogues of RT International at all other times.

RT UK serves as the home and production base of RT's UK-based programs. RT UK is the channel RT offers to UK satellite providers. The channel is available online at RT International, RT Documentary, and RT America, as well as on RT's website.

The channel opened on October 30, 2014. RT UK focuses on covering the UK. RT host Afshin Rattansi stated that the channel's position is to "challenge the dominant power structures in Britain by broadcasting live and original programs with a progressive UK focus" and "not subject to the London bias of the metropolitan elite" because it "will have news". from all over the country. "

"It's a surprising move to focus resources on the UK. It's not a commercial proposition, so the main goal is to gain influence," said Richard Sambrook, former global news director for the BBC and director of the Center for Journalism at Cardiff University.

This is about soft power for the Kremlin. “In a pre-launch statement, RT reporter Polly Boiko said,“ Much has been done regarding how RT was funded. He starred as the Big Bad Wolf of the news media world "and" I think most of us ... See the launch of RT UK as an opportunity to avoid charges against the channel ".

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