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How to Watch Live TV?

 When watching live TV on the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is stuttering and freezing problems. Contrary to satellite broadcasts, many users experience freezing problems in live TV broadcasts watched over the Internet. A hang-up while watching your favourite TV show or program, or watching your team's soccer game, for example, can ruin the whole experience. To avoid getting stuck, your live TV viewing site must have a robust infrastructure. We continue to develop and strengthen our infrastructure so that you do not experience interruptions in the broadcasts you watch on our Website.

Why Live Stream Freezes?
It can experience freezing even in the live TV broadcasts you watch from our site, where we provide an uninterrupted HD live broadcast service. There may be many reasons for this. The first thing you need to do to fix the freezing problem is to check your internet connection. You can tell if there is a problem with your relationship by trying to access another website. If you are using wifi, not being close enough to your wireless modem or having many people on the same network may cause you to experience freezing in the broadcasts you watch. After solving the problems on your Internet, you can continue to enjoy the live broadcast by refreshing the page.

We also have different broadcast quality settings for our users who do not have sufficient internet speed on our Website. If you are stuck, you can lower the quality from the lower right corner of the live broadcasts you watch. If this doesn't work, you can try our broadcast alternatives Live TV 1 and Live TV 2, located just below the player.

How can I watch TV without interruption on my mobile?
One of the most significant advantages of watching live TV on the Internet is that you are not tied to one place. In satellite broadcasts, the cable coming from the dish antenna and the cable connected to your television in cable television broadcasts limit you to a particular area. However, you can continue the broadcasts you watch on the Internet from anywhere. On our Website, you can enjoy watching live TV from your mobile devices and your computer. While designing our mobile interface, it was our priority to enable it to be used on all your devices. In addition, since we have designed our broadcasts for mobile, you can watch your favourite channels on your mobile devices without freezing or stuttering.