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Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited (English: Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited; Former name: Siam Sport Publishing Limited Partnership and Siam Sport Printing Company Limited) is a mass communication operator. Several types of sports and recreation are newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts. Radio, television and multimedia (Multimedia) was founded in 1973 by Rawi Lothong, former head of sports news, Thai Rath newspaper. Start publishing the first issue of Siam Sports Magazine. And there is a weekly Star Soccer magazine. with the Siam Sport Daily newspaper It is a publication that creates a reputation for the company. Currently, there is Wiluck Lothong, the son of Rawi. be the chairman of the board

In 1973, Rawi Lothong submitted a resignation letter from the position of head of sports news for Thai Rath newspaper. then requested to register the establishment Siam Sport Publishing Partnerships Limited Partnership with an initial registered capital of 500,000 baht to operate a sports magazine publishing business. And contract production for general printing. At present, Siam Sport Publishing Partnership. Even still open but did not undertake any other business

Later, in 1982, Mr. Rawi submitted an application for registration of the operation of Siam Sport Printing Company Limited (Eng: Siam Sport Printing Company Limited) for the transfer of the former business of Siam Sport Publishing Partnership that expands rapidly. In addition, Siam Sport Printing Co., Ltd. We also contract production for all types of printing such as posters, brochures, forms. as well as books of other publishers as well

The year 1990 was considered one of the most developed years in the Siam Sports Group. On February 27, Mr. Rawi applied for registration of Siam Sport Syndicate Company Limited to support business expansion. By accepting the transfer of business and all assets of Siam Sport Printing Co., Ltd. which includes a printer and various equipment including a license to issue a book to operate continuously From April 1, then in August Siam Sport Syndicate Co., Ltd. Acquired land of 5.5 rai at Bangna-Trad Road, Km. 5, for the construction of publishing houses, printing houses and warehouses in the future

In this regard, Siam Sport Syndicate Co., Ltd. with initial registered capital of 5,000,000 baht, later around June 1990, Siam Sport Syndicate Co., Ltd. Has increased the registered capital to 50,000,000 baht to expand production capacity in the machine and in the same period Phatra Thanakij Finance and Securities Public Company Limited has jointly held in the proportion of 8% as well. Later, in November 1994, Siam Sport Syndicate Co., Ltd. Started a business to import souvenirs from football clubs in England. for sale in Thailand which later evolved into opening a Star Soccer shop to sell these products in particular

Then, during January-February 1995, the Siam Sport Group restructured its management by bringing in Siam Sport Syndicate Co., Ltd. Listed as a public company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand by only conducting business related to sports and recreation and separate other businesses go out as a subsidiary In order to clearly separate businesses, such as contract manufacturing businesses, both internally and externally using the company name as Kilen Printing Co., Ltd. (renamed from Siam Sport Printing Co., Ltd.), in which Mr. Rawi is a shareholder In the proportion of 45 percent of the registered capital, the business of importing and selling souvenirs related to sports from foreign countries, there is a company, Vaksorn Promotion Co., Ltd. operates, holding the copyright of sports programs. to save to various media for distribution by Sports and Laser Promotion Co., Ltd., etc.

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