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In 2003, the company headquarters moved to a new building designed by Fumihiko Maki at: 6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Some of TV Asahi's departments and subsidiaries, such as TV Asahi Productions and Take Systems, are still housed in TV Asahi Center, the company's former headquarters in 1986-2003. It is located in Ark Hills, not far from their headquarters.

TV Asahi started out as "Nihon Educational Television Co., Ltd." (NET) (株式会社 日本 教育 テ レ ビ, Kabushiki-gaisha Nihon Kyōiku Terebi, "The Japan Educational Television Company") on November 1, 1957. It was established as a for-profit educational television channel. At the time, its broadcasting license dictated that the network had to dedicate at least 50% of its air time to educational programming and at least 30% of its air time to educational programming for children. The station was owned by Asahi Shimbun, Toei Company, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and Obunsha.

However, the for-profit educational television model ultimately turned out to be a failure. In 1960, NET began its transformation into a general-purpose television station. It began broadcasting anime and foreign movies. In order not to conflict with the educational television licensing requirements, NET justified the broadcast of these programs under the pretext of "nurturing a child's emotional range" (子 供 の 情操 教育 の た め, Kodomo no jōsō kyōiku no tame) and the "introduction of foreign cultures" (外国 文化 の 紹 介, Gaikoku bunka no shōkai). At the same time, NET also changed its common name from "Nihon Educational Television" to "NET TV" (NET テ レ ビ).

Seven years later, in 1967, NET aired its first broadcast program in color. Part of its transformation into a widespread television channel would be the April 1971 premiere of Toei Company's Kamen Rider series and creator Shotaro Ishinomori, the tokusatsu superhero series that would make the channel a national success. It has been their home ever since, along with another toku series, Super Sentai, in the spring of 1975 (Kamen Rider left the channel in 1975, only to return in 2000).

Apart from these two live action programs, which would become part of its flagship programming, due in part to the work carried out by Toei's animation branch, the 70s were also marked on NET with great classics of animation from national fame, which were broadcast one after another. on the channel and even exported to other countries, many of these would be part of daily life and culture and helped introduce the world to the anime genre. Such animations put the channel in direct competition with other stations broadcasting similar programs.

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