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TV JOJ is a Slovak private television channel owned by J&T Enterprises and launched in March 2002. The channel broadcasts series and TV shows.

It started broadcasting on March 2, 2002 as the successor of TV Global, which has been broadcasting since March 2000. The station's first slogan was "Nuda na Slovensku skon?ila" - "Boredom is over in Slovakia". TV JOJ was built by Vladimir Zelezny, former head of Czech channel TV Nova, while at war with TV Nova's American investor, Central European Media Enterprises (CME).

With Joy's help, Železny wanted to shake off the dominance of CME's radio station in Slovakia, TV Markíza, which watched nearly 50 percent of the country's national audience. TV Joj was a failure in its early years. Surviving TV Nova's anemic diet, the station was surpassed by TV Nova, whose strong signal reached as far as Slovakia. However, many reportedly chose to stay anyway.

When CME bought TV Nova in 2004, Americans had to give up TV Joj as Slovak law forbade the company from owning two TV channels nationwide. The Czechs sold TV Joj back to Grafobal. By 2004, TV Joj had slightly improved its audience, increasing its coverage from 65 percent nationally to 80 percent in 2005.

Grafobal is backed by Slovak businessman Ivan Kmotrik. His empire includes, among other things, the country's largest newspaper distributor and retailer Mediaprint & Kapa Pressegrosso, four major printing houses and advertising agency EURO RSCG Artmedia.

J&T Media Enterprises, a division of J&T, acquired TV Joj's licensee, Mac TV, from the Grafobal Group in January 2007. At the same time, Grafobal Group bought the TA3 news TV station from J&T Finance Group and became the full owner of CEN, the company that operates TA3.

Marquise can no longer compete with TV JOJ. TV JOJ has shortened its airtime and its average weekly viewership share has increased to 21.8% as of July 2, 2012. Marquise's weekly viewership is currently 26.7%. TV Markíza recorded a sharp decline in viewership share. In 2007, the average weekly audience share was 39.7%.

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